GDV Mini Laboratory


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A set of accessories “GDV Mini Laboratory” is designed for laboratory studies of liquids and solids of various origins.

“GDV Mini Laboratory” can be used with “GDV Camera Pro” only.

The “GDV Scientific Laboratory” program in complete set.


Complete set of accessories

  • Screwdriver
  • Insulin syringe
  • Syringe with a glass tip
  • Syringe with deep ground connection
  • Unit for capturing large size objects
  • Unit shade for capturing large size objects
  • Dielectric part of the fixing device for glass cups
  • Metal part of the fixing device for glass cups
  • Grounding plate for capturing flat objects
  • Calibration plate, 1 mm
  • Calibration plate, 2 mm
  • Glass plate with a well, 3 mm
  • Syringe holder
  • Shade for the syringe holder
  • Glass cup for liquids
  • Electrode with flat holder
  • Electrode with a long movable needle
  • Electrode with a short, fixed-length needle
  • Common grounding
  • Operating manual
  • Wooden case
  • Box


“GDV Scientific Laboratory” : Multi-parametrical processing of static and dynamic GDV-images including the following:

  • calculation of numeric characteristics of GDV-images both for the whole image and for separate sectors
  • formation of up to 10 samples of GDV-images and their statistical comparison by the selected GDV parameters
  • calculation of statistical characteristics of each sample by the selected parameter
  • calculation of trends, the entropy and fractal analysis of time series of the dynamic GDV-image parameters
  • visual analysis and comparison of the initial GDV-images and arrays of calculated and numeric data

Additional possibilities :

  • work in one of the two modes, dynamic or static
  • saving the processing results to files and printing of reports
  • creation of a detailed report in MS Word format
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