CEF Phoenix

Le fabricant, Region Centre annonce la production imminente des CEF Phoenix, pour soulager les brulures. Voici les informations communiquées par le fabricant pour le moment :

It has powerful anti-bacterium and anti-inflammatory effect, prevents infection of outer wound surfaces (wounds, scratches, post surgery incisions, bedsores, trophic ulcers, burns, including sun-burns);
Aids quick skin and mucous coatings regeneration in case of various damages caused by traumas, surgery, medical procedures that damage skin, including cosmetology procedures – pilling, injections, tattoo, piercing);
Due to powerful anti-bacterium and anti-inflammatory effect it helps quick healing of internal wound surfaces, including gastro-intestinal, tract, duodenum (including wounds of erosion and ulcerous character, in case of circulation violations);
Aids restoration of blood micro-circulation in tissues of various organs, especially in damaged ones;
Prevents formation of cheloid scars in places of skin integuments and mucous coatings damages;
At the physiology level aids restoration and support of the organism immune status;
Effective in cases of non-sanctioned intrusions into one’s bio-field, aids quick removal of consequences of intrusions of energy-informational character – both of external and internal origin, including psychology traumas and blocks;
Quickly «switches on» and activates all energy centers, especially 5-th, 6-th and 7-th, aids prolonged support of their harmonious work;
Powerfully works at the thin level, harmonizes vibrational torrents of outer field and human being, aids opening, manifestation and acknowledgment of one’s own true I;
Helps to see and recognize true state of the affairs in all spheres of one’s life, disclose primary reasons and find ways of solving issues in a better way;
Brings individual into a state of internal harmony, unity with the surrounding world;
Aids manifestation and opening of one’s talents and abilities;
Aids general rejuvenation of the organism, restoration of the physiology processes up to optimum level.
Polarization of high-mountain spring «Shuvuuni urt» (Bird’s nest) in northern Aimak on Mongolia is recorded at this FSC.
Water structuring time at FSC «Phoenix» is 2 hours!
In case of outer skin damages, along with structured water drinking it is recommended to do water wrappings, lotions, application with the use of water, structured at the FSC «Phoenix». Also to structure ointments, greases, sponging liquids, anti-septic remedies. In case of calluses, plantar callosity it is recommended to use FSC in the pedicure process, and also for the manicure with clutches trimmed.
Good helper for those who is unable to realize and disclose the reasons of prolonged period of failures.