CEF Jiva et Zdrava

FSCs «Jiva» and «Zdrava» are available starting from June 5 2018, until June 18-th 2018.

FSC «Jiva» : Aids powerful antiparasite cleaning of the organism (from helminths of various kids, protozoa and other kinds of pathogens; Aids congestions removal and normalization of lymph fluid circulation (which leads to proper functioning of the cells – inflow of nutrients and toxins deducing) and also removal of inflammation process in the inflammation area; Aids restoration of organism defense powers and all phases of immune reactions, providing physiological functioning of the immune system; Aids restoration of blood circulation in all vitally important systems: cardiovascular, respiratory, gastro-intestinal, urinary, reproductive, endocrine; Aids restoration and normalization of all types of metabolic processes in the organism; Aids rehabilitation and prophylaxis of the endocrine system violations (pancreas, adrenal glands, thyroid glands, sexual glands). FSC «Jiva» interacts effectively with FSCs 1, 2, 3, 4, 16, 20, Natural Antibiotic, Live water, Amaranth, Healing, Healing 2, Danilovo Lake, Olgyr. Polarization of water spring situated close to one of nomad’s camps in Mongolia is recorded at FSC «Jiva». Water structuring time is not less than 45 minutes. Koltsov mentioned briefly this spring many times in his appearances when he told about voyages in Mongolian steppe to the Spring of Lamas. The spring recorded at FSC “Jiva” he described as a a spring close to a nomad’s camp. That is he asked local people “why are you staying in this place?” “because f a spring that is near by” “ So what is good about it” “we simply liked this water” they replied. But it appeared this water has wide health effects, thou the spring even has no name, Koltsov referred to it simply as “A spring close to the nomad’s camp”.

FSC «Zdrava» : Aids the return of picturesque memory, restoration of brain cognitive functions, unfolding of creative potential;
Poses harmonizing action at brain hemispheres performance, their activation and synchronization; Aids development of sensitive abilities, intuition; Aids harmonization of emotional state, removal of psycho-emotional tension and neurotic states at stresses, increased mental and physical loads; At physiology level aids correction of headaches of various localization (as consequence of cold, ENT organs diseases, migraines, brain vessels atherosclerosis, noise in the ears, encephalopathy and so on); Aids removal of spasms in brain vessels and restoration of circulation in the brain, normalization of intracranial pressure; Aids prophylaxis of central nervous system degenerative diseases (reduction of the intellect, memory disorder, behavior changes and so on); Poses antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory action; Aids restoration of the vestibular apparatus performance, cupping of dizziness attacks, including attacks followed with nausea, vomiting, noise in the ears (for example in case of increased arterial pressure). FSC «Zdrava» is must have to everyone! In case you are a creative person, and your job is connected with development and realization of creative ideas, in case you think in structural way and later methodically put your project into realization, in case you are engaged in self-development, learn or work a lot… In case you simply want to be healthy, active, young in any age, then FSC “Zdrava” is for you! FSC “Zdrava interacts well with FSCs 1, 9, 10, 12, 13, 15, Longevity, Indi, Tuning Fork, Lhasa, Mighty Water, Golden Sand, Amaranth, Source of Life, Altarnaya Mountain. Mayan cosmic teurgy Channel Kapu “КАПУ” and polarization of water from a thermal spring from Shargaljuut chain of springs in Bajankhogor Aimak in Mongolia are recorded at the FSC «Zdrava». Water structuring time is not less than 25 minutes. Mayan cosmic teurgy Channel Kapu is designated to cure problems, connected with the head.